About us.


Hello and welcome, I am Marij and together with my husband Charles we run the cattery.

In 2005 we started our cattery in the polder "de Bommelerwaard" in the middle of the Netherlands after we decided that it would be wonderful to have kittens of our own coons.
In 2017 we chose for new roads and climate and moved with most of our cats and other animals to Spain, in the mountains of Andalucia near Valle de Abdalajis. The animals adjusted very well to their  new environment.

About 30 years ago we got our first maine coon and since that time we fell for the fantastic character and appearance of the maine coon cat.

Our cats have a lot of space in our home. They can also go outside in a secured cat-run.

Our males have separated accomodations. Sometimes there will be kittens but not on a large scale. 

We like plain colours tinged with smoke, but  also  the original colours.  We try to breed healthy coons with good character and stature.   

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Have a look at all the mcmary's that are born in our cattery ("offspring" button). Every mcmary keeps its own page on our site and we're always very happy to receive updates.
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