Sometimes a cat doesn't match in the group of the cattery unfortunately, or there are other problems. She won't be really happy anymore. We'll do anything we can to find a better home for her and will report on this page. 
Sept 2016 : Meanwhile we found a new very fine home for Rainbow at Tom and Loes (see "females"). 
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2017 : We found golden baskets for Ace, Oddie and Kitty, Elfje and Lucy. (click to see more)

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                                                             Twinkle :
Twinkle is sterilised now. She's very sweet and had fantastic litter. Twinkle found a new golden home with Susan and will have a long and happy life. Also see the pictures at "females".
Twinkle had a weight problem after she was sterilised she soon gained too much weight. We changed to specialised food (Royal Canin Satiety) and after quite a long time it worked to get her in good condition again and good weight.
                         Twinkle (click to see more)

                                                                                   Iko :
Iko is or big and very sweet creme tomcat. We had beautiful litter from him. But now our other tomcats have grown up and take care of the lines of our cattery. Iko is castrated and he'll move to a new house. We're happy that he found a very fine home with Mirjam and Hidde.

Layla and Lisa
Layla en Lisa found fine new homes with Marie-Louise and Marjan. We stay in touch :-)


Fujin found her golden home with Jos in Zoetermeer !! Unfortunately she died much too young.



Viertje lived with Frederieke and Willem. At 12,5 years old she died after sickness. She had wonderfull years in het new environment.  


We found a new home for Isabelle. She's  lives with Monique and her family and will have a wonderful life.  Also see "kittens" and "youngsters".


  Rehomed :
Denise (Diesel) lives with Tonny and will enjoy a long and lucky life.


  Rehomed :
Toytoy moved to Cynthia and Joop and will have a long and happy life.